1. "Before you know it, you’re 20 years old and wondering what happened to that 13 year old girl and why did she spend so long hating herself? But you realize that 13 year old girl didn’t ever see herself to be 20, she didn’t think she would make it that far, but she did, and oh God, she’s so proud of herself for doing so."
    — Please don’t ever give up. It may be a hard battle, but I promise it’s worth the fight for your life. You can do this. (via cats-tats-recovery)
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    Okay, one thing that bugs me is when rosy/bubblegum blogs, won’t reblog a message like this because it doesn’t “suit their blog style”. Something like this could actually save someone’s life, so now you don’t have an excuse not to reblog it. This could make someone stop and realise how much they mean and how much of a difference in the world they could bring. So stop your excuses now, because you could save someone’s life <3

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    okay scary story time my sister hid this pic of Michael Jackson behind my pillow and when I lifted my pillow I saw this and I screamed so loud I can’t even handle looking at the pic omfg

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    I used to laugh so much about this.  Not once in all the movies does a woman die on screen.  

    I hope that Jurassic World doesn’t break the canon.

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